Eco Crystal Fresh “n Clean J – India’s No 1 Water Softener- By Electro Tech- Best For IFB & Branded Washing Machine – Get Extra Spun Inside Gravity Based Water Purifier (Blue)

Original price was: ₹1999.00.Current price is: ₹1940.00.

  • Non – Electrical & Non – Storage : Fixed directly to the water supply source for purification
  • 0 L : More the capacity, more the users can be served with drinking water
  • Gravity Based : Non Electric Purification based on Gravity or Pressure
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BENEFITS Scale free drums inside the washing machines Fresh and clean water for washing cloths Reduce the washing machine maintenance cost Less detergent consumption 4% Less energy consumption SPECIFICATIONS Flow rate- 350 LPM Dimensions- L- W- H- Type of cartridge- PP 5 micron Size- 5 inches.SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR DRINKING


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