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Elektro Terms & Conditiions 

Welcome to the website of Elektro. Here are the number of policies you are agreeing to comply with the following terms and conditions and privacy policy administered by Elektro with you according to this website.

The terms the website of Electro is subject to follow –

  • Any content of the pages of our website is only for our general use and we can change it without any prior notice.
  • Neither we nor any of our third parties offer any guarantee or warranty for the performance, accuracy, timeliness, completeness or suitability of the details and materials gathered or offered on this website for any purpose. You must acknowledge that those sort of information or materials are bound to be inaccurate at some point. We claim no liability for such inaccuracies to the fullest extent as permitted by the law.
  • Using any materials or information on this website is entirely your liability and responsibility. We are not liable for these. The responsibility to ensure that any services, information or products available on this website satisfies your requirement.