1. Aqua Archimedes – Suitable for where inlet pressure more than 2 Kg/cm2
  2. Aqua Archimedes P- Suitable for low inlet pressure (Less than 2 Kg/cm2)


  • In adsorption Technology Water passes through activated block carbon, which has numerous surface Areas.
  • Sometime total length of the pores is equivalent to total length of 10 football fields. All the contaminants like dirt, Chlorine, color, oil are trapped in the small pores. In modern Technology big bacteria is also trapped in the pores.
  • Even Color of Cola is removed partially. Because of High clarity and low turbidity of water, Taste is excellent.


  • Magnetized drinking water which is good for health
  • pH Enhancer ensures alkaline water
  • Stainless steel UV housing for hygiene drinking water
  • Strong filtration by Adsorption Technology activated block carbon
  • Excellent water taste
  • Removes bacteria and virus


  • Dimensions: L 395mm x W 265mm x H 465mm
  • Power Supply: 220V 50Hz
  • Flow rate: 20-30 LPH (Depends on inlet water pressure)
  • Suitable for soft water where the TDS of raw water is less than 300 PPM
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